Chase International 2019 Luxury Estates Collection

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Chase International 2019 Luxury Real Estate Report – Spring/Summer

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2019 Mid-Year Stats Lake Tahoe, Reno, and Carson Valley

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6 Tips for Designing the Perfect Pool House

Follow these tips to design the ultimate pool house…

Connected to Nature

Consider large doors that open to the pool area and easily transition in and out.

Keep It Consistent

Consistent style between the main house and pool house provides a sense of fluidity.

Changing Room

A changing room is essential, as is storage space for towels, pool toys, and more.


A kitchenette with a few key appliances makes it easy to prepare refreshments by the pool.

Covered BBQ Area

A well-designed grill station next to the pool is perfect for entertaining. 

Guest Room

A separate structure gives visitors privacy while acting as their own private guesthouse.

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How to Create the Ultimate Children’s Room

Here are a few tips for designing the perfect space for your little ones…

Fun Meets Function

Don’t want toys and trinkets on the floor? Look for furniture that can double as storage.

Foster Creativity

A designated space for arts and crafts is an excellent way to foster your child’s creativity.

Keep It Open

By keeping the space open, there’s room for whatever activity they choose.

Pick a Theme

Having a fun theme is a great way to personalize your child’s room.

Ready for Reading

Whether it’s a desk or bean bag chairs, a reading area is helpful when it’s time to unwind.

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4 Wellness Features to Set Your Home Apart

When it comes to luxury real estate, the right home features can make all the difference. With wellness being a topic that’s on everyone’s mind these days, amenities that cater to a healthy and holistic lifestyle have major appeal to homeowners and affluent buyers. If you want your home to facilitate wellness, these four features will provide the utmost relaxation and are sure to please both you in the present and potential buyers in the future.

Outdoor Sauna
The outdoor sauna is an easy addition to the backyard that brings myriad benefits, such as flushing toxins out of the body and improving cardiovascular performance. Of course, you could design a sauna in your house, but there’s just something about braving the elements and being transported to a quiet refuge set in nature. If you have a scenic view on your property, just imagine taking it in while cleansing the mind and body.

Plunge Pool
For those who enjoy the restorative properties of hydrotherapy, a plunge pool will have you feeling fresh and energized each day. People often use these small and shallow pools after being in a hot tub, steam room or sauna for a contrast in temperature that rejuvenates the body. The best part is that they can easily be accommodated in the backyard or master bathroom.

Massage Room
Getting a massage is one of the best ways to let go of your daily stress. While it’s always a treat to be pampered at the spa, nothing beats having the same experience right in the privacy of your own home. For the ultimate in personal wellness, a tranquil massage room is a perfect way to bring your home spa to the next level.

Meditation Studio
Daily meditation can help to promote both mental and physical well-being. Having a designated place to practice is essential to incorporating it into your routine, whether it’s a pavilion or garden in the backyard or a room in your house that’s complete with soothing lights and aromas.

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The Inside Scoop on Wet Rooms

It’s official: Wet rooms are a rising trend in luxury bathroom design. For years, they’ve been used as a solution when space was limited, but this style is increasingly being seen in high-end homes for many reasons. Before we dive into them, however, you might be asking yourself, “What exactly is a wet room?!”

While they can vary in design, wet rooms are bathrooms that tend to include a shower area that’s not completely enclosed. Sometimes, there may be a glass panel that separates the sink and toilet from the shower and bath, but it still maintains an open-concept feel. If this sounds like something you might be interested in bringing into your home, here are a few things to know about wet rooms:

Surprising and Stylish
For starters, if you’re putting your house on the market in the near future, a luxurious wet room can be a pleasant surprise for potential buyers who appreciate a fresh, modern design that breaks the mold. With no curtains, doors or shower trays, the clean aesthetic provides a spa-like bathing experience, and what’s not to love about that?

An open-concept shower and bath area has numerous functional advantages. Being more easily accessed than a traditional shower, wet rooms can be a great option for elderly couples who are concerned about getting in and out of the shower. Additionally, wet rooms are often easier to clean because the entire bathroom can be sprayed down and a slight gradient in the floors allows it to effectively drain.

Efficient Use of Space
If you don’t have the space for both a soaking tub and a separate walk-in shower, this can be a great solution. By breaking down the divider between the two and simply turning it into a wet room, your bathroom will feel more open and fluid.

Bring in a Pro
Although they’re easy to envision, wet rooms certainly require professional expertise to install correctly in order to avoid exposing your home to water damage. Working with a designer will ensure your bathroom is fashionable and functional.

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