Wellness & Lifestyle October 25, 2019

4 Wellness Features to Set Your Home Apart

When it comes to luxury real estate, the right home features can make all the difference. With wellness being a topic that’s on everyone’s mind these days, amenities that cater to a healthy and holistic lifestyle have major appeal to homeowners and affluent buyers. If you want your home to facilitate wellness, these four features will provide the utmost relaxation and are sure to please both you in the present and potential buyers in the future.

Outdoor Sauna
The outdoor sauna is an easy addition to the backyard that brings myriad benefits, such as flushing toxins out of the body and improving cardiovascular performance. Of course, you could design a sauna in your house, but there’s just something about braving the elements and being transported to a quiet refuge set in nature. If you have a scenic view on your property, just imagine taking it in while cleansing the mind and body.

Plunge Pool
For those who enjoy the restorative properties of hydrotherapy, a plunge pool will have you feeling fresh and energized each day. People often use these small and shallow pools after being in a hot tub, steam room or sauna for a contrast in temperature that rejuvenates the body. The best part is that they can easily be accommodated in the backyard or master bathroom.

Massage Room
Getting a massage is one of the best ways to let go of your daily stress. While it’s always a treat to be pampered at the spa, nothing beats having the same experience right in the privacy of your own home. For the ultimate in personal wellness, a tranquil massage room is a perfect way to bring your home spa to the next level.

Meditation Studio
Daily meditation can help to promote both mental and physical well-being. Having a designated place to practice is essential to incorporating it into your routine, whether it’s a pavilion or garden in the backyard or a room in your house that’s complete with soothing lights and aromas.
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